Por que.no.estan todas.laa.canciones.en instagram

I have two instagram accounts and in one of them the music sticker does not appear.

You may have thought of using your favorite songs for such videos. However, whether it’s for a personal account or a business account, using the perfect song for your Instagram videos is not as easy as you think.

While it is true that artists can rest easy, content creators, who post various content.  It is a reality that Instagram TV is a showcase to publicize your work and your skills, but it is not safe in the sense that it offers total freedom to pirate content from other users of the network.

Why I can’t play music on my facebook stories

If you are a user of Instagram and consumer of their stories, surely many times you can’t listen to the Stories. Today we give you the solution to this “problem” that, honestly, we do not know why.

If you don’t have it activated try doing the following: Activate and deactivate the “Mute” button above the volume buttons on the iPhone. This usually solves the problem. If it doesn’t work, turn the volume up to maximum and start viewing that person’s Stories again, starting with the first one posted.

Go to Settings/Modes of concentration/Do not disturb and activate the “Do not disturb” option. In this way, even if they call you, you get a message, etc… you will not be disturbed and you can enjoy Instagram Stories or any other game, social network… without any interference.

How to put a song on instagram that is not on instagram

For several days now, when I want to put songs in Instagram stories, the ones I want don’t appear. I know they are there because I have seen them in other accounts and I have used some of them. How can I get back all the Instagram songs for the stories?

This problem can be solved in one way, but maybe you don’t want to because it’s by changing your private account to a professional account and therefore to a public account. This means that everyone who enters your Instagram will have access to the content you have uploaded.

I leave you this video in case you are encouraged because this solution has helped most people in this problem as far as I’ve seen, but you have to evaluate if you want to move your account to professional or not.

I have seen that this problem is usually solved as indicated in the comment above, activate your account as a professional and then you can see all the songs. However for example in my case I would not do it because I do not want my account to be public and that everyone who enters it can see my content.

How to get your music featured on instagram

You may think you know this tool inside out, (because you’re a fan of this app, like us), but, to take you down a notch (you’re welcome) today we want to leave you with 53 Instagram tricks that surely (at least many of them) you didn’t know. Well, 53 plus a few others quickly explained.

To use them in your profile, you simply have to open a Word or Doc document, write the copy of your bio and, where you want the symbol to appear, go to Insert > Advanced symbol and choose the one you like the most.

Just use an online font generator like this one, paste the text of your biography, choose the font you like the most (please, don’t be a cheapskate and don’t choose one of the most “tacky” ones), copy the text and paste it in your profile, both from the app and from the browser on your computer.

Remember that you can create as many highlights as you want, but only 4 will appear in the profile without having to scroll left. Oh, and each highlight can have a maximum of 100 stories. It may seem like a lot but you get to the maximum quickly.