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The rapper himself shared that he went “into a manic episode in 2016 and I was put on heavy medication. Since then, I went in and out of medication, which left me susceptible to other episodes, which my wife, family and fans have had to endure.”

In an attempt to reclaim his relationship with Kim Kardashian, on Friday the rapper uploaded a screenshot to Instagram showing the two kissing alongside a headline from digital publication TMZ that read, “Kanye West says God will get Kim and him back together.” What’s more, he tagged his ex-wife in the image.

In addition, Pete Davidson seems to be invested in his relationship with Kim Kardashian as he travels frequently to Los Angeles from his hometown, New York, to be with Kim whenever he has the chance.

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Sure, you have the ability to clearly see all of their profile photos, their featured stories, videos and so on, but sometimes, a user has a profile picture that they don’t have posted, so there are details in this that can’t be appreciated, and the truth is that we’d like to be able to see them.

Luckily, while we are still waiting for Instagram to offer us the possibility of seeing the profile picture in large, we have a trick to which we can resort, which is very simple, so much so that it is normal that many are unaware of its existence. That is why, if you want to see this photo, then we will explain how you can do it to never again be left with the doubt of what is in that picture, whether it is that of a friend, random user or your favorite celebrity.

To put this trick into practice, you will have to resort to Instagram stories, which were a big surprise when they arrived, as they were a copy of the Snapchat app, and worked surprisingly well. What’s more, there are users who publish more content in their stories than in their feed.

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The popular instant messaging service WhatsApp has announced that an update to its digital platform will bring changes to its more than two and a half billion customers around the world who will soon see changes in the way they show the profile pictures of users.By the number of customers with an active user account, in addition to the volume of downloads that has this application sustain it as one of the most used around the world, and the most important in its segment.The way you view the image that show each of your contacts will be modified when the changes are released to users with an upcoming update.

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Instagram has become an important part of our devices. If we don’t have a profile on this social network, it seems that we are invisible. We consult it daily and at all times because it entertains us. There are so many features that it overflows with content in abundance, from the popular stories to Instagram TV, it is impossible to get bored. And yet, even though it may seem like we know it, the app has some closely guarded secrets. Just as we did with Netflix and YouTube, now it’s time to take a closer look at Instagram.

The most enthusiastic fans of the social network can not miss this top tricks for Instagram with which we will manage to take advantage of all its features. As hidden as they have remained, we bring them to light.

Press and hold to place a solid background in the storiesYou may already know Instagram stories and what they do. Every day we see authentic works of art in vertical format, and the application itself has some secret functionalities that you can exploit. The one we propose here allows you to fill the story you are going to post with a solid background. To do this, you simply need to do the following: